Streetsville Automobile Appraisal Service Inc is a first class automotive appraisal company based our of Ontario and Alberta. We specialize in fast, convenient and accurate car appraisals. We are highly trained experts with knowledge of the appraisal process whether its for the Insurance Industry requirements, claims, Insurance Disputes, Classic or Exotic Cars, RV's, Marine Vehicles, Divorce Proceedings and Bank / Finance Purposes or for tax purposes when transferring a vehicle. We appraise anything with a VIN number!

We have been happily assisting our customers with all disputes with their Insurance claims and work with all major insurance companies in Ontario and Alberta. Our team are made up of industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience in a multitude of skill sets.

Who we are? 

Mark - Web Developer / Expert Appraiser

22+ Years IT / Computer Programming Experience
12+ Years Website Management
12+ Years of Automotive Sales Experience
7+ Years of Automotive Appraisals Experience
27+ Years of Love of Motor Vehicles!

Joe  - Lead Appraiser / Director

16+ Years of Automotive Sales Experience
13+ Years of Automotive Appraisal Experience
12+ Years of Insurance Dispute / Resolution Services
12+ Years of IT / Computer Programming
22+ Years of Love of Motor Vehicles!